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Tungsten Wire
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                                                                Tungsten wire

Tungsten is the most widely used of the refractory metals. In wire form, it is essential for the production of lighting products such as wire filament, and other goods where its high temperature properties are of use. Among its properties are a melting point of 3410° C, a low coefficient of thermal expansion and low vapor pressure at elevated temperatures, along with good electrical and thermal conductivity.

Pure tungsten wire is produced in sizes above .020 inches in diameter. Typical usage is for restraightening into rod products and for applications where there is a low alkali content requirement.

Tungsten Wire Product Details:

PureTungsten Wire:Purity: W>99.98%
Atomic Number: 74                             Atomic Radius: 137.0pm
Atomic Symbol: W                              Atomic Weight: 183.5            
Melting Point: 3422
oC                 Boiling Point: 5555 oC
Electron Configuration: [Xe]6s24f145d4      
Oxidation States: 6
Oxidation States: 6
Oxidation States: 6

Tungsten Wire Types:
Elmet produces two types of tungsten wire – Pure and WK (K-Al-Si doped).
Tungsten Wire Product Description:

Tungsten Wire Type 1A (As drawn) Commercially Pure Min. 99.95 percent non-sag and cut (ASTM F288 Type 1A) has excellent strength at high temperature and exceptional resistance to corrosion with good electrical and heat conducting properties. Its melting point is 6150 F (3400 C), the highest of any metal. Tungsten also has the highest modulus of elasticity of all metals. Tungsten Wire is straight, 30 or 60 inches long. Chemically, tungsten is relatively inert. Pure tungsten metal in the form of wire, rod and sheet is important in the electric lamp and electrical industries. Industrial applications include electrodes for inert gas welding and electrical discharge machining. ASTM F 288-96 Type 1A Commercially pure 99.95 percent.
Black tungsten wire, cleaned tungsten wire and straightened white tungsten wire can be supplied according to the requirement of customers.
Our Tungsten wire package:
Tungsten wire Spooling:
Fine Tungsten wire is spooled on clean, defect free spools. Thick  tungsten wire is self coiled. Spools are level filled without piling near flanges. The outer end of the wire is properly marked and attached securely to the spool or self coil. 
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