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Radiation Shielding
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        Lead Sheet for Radiation Shielding
1) High sound-absorbent ability.2) Environmental friendly.
3) Energy saving.4) Dimensional stability.
5) Radiation-proof
Our Lead Sheets are alloyed & rolled to meet our customer's exacting chemical composition and dimensional standards.
Technical Details
1. Chemical Composition:
Our rolled Lead Sheet product can be made to conform to most alloy specifications including:
a) Commercially pure Lead
b) Antimony-Lead
c) Calcium-Tin-Lead
2. Dimensions:
a) Max Width: 6 feet
b) Min Thickness: 0.5 mm
1. Radiation / X-Ray Shielding
2. Roofing & Waterproofing
3. Chemical Storage & Corrosion Prevention
4. Vibration Absorption & Sound Proofing
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