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Lead alloy anode for Metal Electrowinning(Hydrometallurgy)
Howah Lead alloy anode is widely used in Zinc,Copper and Manganese EWHydrometallurgyindustry for its excellent performance.
Howah Lead alloy anode is widely used in Zinc,Copper and Manganese EW industry for its high strength,high conductivity,high corrosion resistance,long service lifetime,low production cost and good machining property.
In 2000,Howah industry technology Co.,Ltd established its Lead anode manufacture to produce Pb-Ag-Ca-Sr anode that is used for Zn-EW.
Our products are cordially welcome by the market and win great reputation since its inauguration and have been exported to many countries from 2000.Ater 10 years’development,Howah provides its clients with below complete series of anodes for non-ferrous metal electrowinning.
Lead Alloy Anode for Non-Ferrous Metal EW
Anode Alloy Chemical Composition (%)
Anode for Zn/Ni/Cd EW
Binary Alloy: Pb 99% -Ag1%
Pb-Ag-Ca Alloy: Pb99.50%-Ag0.2%-Ca0.1%-Rare Earth0.2%
Multi-Alloy: Pb-Ag 0.2%-(Ca+Sr)-0.08~0.12%
Anode for Cu-EW
Binary Alloy: Pb93.9%-Sb6.0%
Pb-Ca-Sn Alloy: Pb98.7%-Sn1.25%-Ca0.06%
Anode for Mn-EW
Binary Alloy: Pb, Ag
Trinary Alloy: Pb, Ag, Sn
Multi-Alloy: Pb, Ag, Sn, Sb
 *Customized size is available.
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