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Nickel Wire
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Nickel and Nickel Alloy Wire
Howah Metal could supply all kinds of size Nickel Wire and Nickel Alloy Wire.
The nickel wire are made by advanced vacuum melting process.and by forging, rolling, annealing and drawing.It is acid resisting and alkali resisting. The products are used in electric apparatus and chemical  machinery.

Specification and Standard of Nickel Nickel Alloy Wire
Pure Nickel and Nickel Alloy
UNS N02200(N200),UNS N02201(N201),N4,N5,N6,N7,N8
DIN17753,ISO9724,ASTM B880-1988
Dia 0.05mm-8.0mm
Straight wire or wire in coil
1.      Black:The surface with oxide
2.      White:After removing the oxide
3.      Bright:Original metal color
Delivery State
1.      M(Annealed soft state)
2.      R(Processing of soft state)
3.      Y(Processing of hard state)
4.      D(Memory training,Dedicated Nitinol)
1.      Thoughness,light weight
2.      High property of acid and alkali resistance
3.      Bear high&low temperature etc.
1.        Vacuum coating
2.        Making valves grid, inner components of vacuum valves
3.    Making lead, supporting wire
4.    Battery production.... .


     * Customized size Available

Specifications for typical consigurations are show above,However,Howah metal’s Nickel and Nickel Alloy Wire can be fully customized to yourspecial order.


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