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Nickel Sheet
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                                Nickel and Nickel Alloy Plate/Sheet
Howah Metal could supply all kinds of size Nickel and Nickel Alloy Plate/Sheet.
1)70% Ni was used for produce stainless steel and heat resistance steel
2)15% of the Ni in the world was used as electroplating.
3)Used as catalyst in oil industry
4)Ni is one of the chemical source of energy, the need material for battery
5)Used to make pigment, dye, ceramic, and ferrite.
6)Chemical processing, Marine Engineering, Power Generation, Oil and Gas Extraction, Petrochemical processing, Telecomminications etc.
Processing:Sintering, Orging system controller, Straightening, Polished, Machine plus etc.

Specification of Nickel and Nickel Alloy Plate/Sheet
ASTMA162, GB/T2054, DIN177502002, ASTM  B127, ASTM  B435, ASTMB582, ASTM  B575, ASTM  B168, ASTM  B443, ASTM  B463, ASTM  B626, ASTM  B536, etc
N7, N5, N4, N1, NO2200, NO2201, NO4400, NO6002, NO6022, NO6030, NO6455, NO6600,
NO8800, NO8810, NO8825,
Inconel 600(UNS N06600), Inconel 601(UNS N06601),
Incoloy 800(UNS N08800), Alloy 825(UNS08825),
Alloy 718(UNS07718)
Incoloy 800H(UNS N08811), Monel 400(UNS N04400),

     The above specifications are for reference only.
     Nickel and Nickel Plate/Sheet is available for customization in other sizes.
Quality test of Nickel and Nickel Plate/Sheet:
Tests and inspection ensure the materials meet all of the tests specifications of International standard.


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