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Water Ionizer
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 Titanium Anode for Water Ionizer
Human body is an enery system.Many years of applying activated water in practice approved scientific conclusions of positive and negative charges of this water being helpful in upholding the energy balance of the cells. Ionized Water,a kind of special water,can be obtained by electrolysis drinking water.Such special water falls into two types:Alkaline and acidic water. The acidic water is applied for the beauty culture,disinfection and other functions.For the alkaline water,on the one one hand,it can speed up the metabolism and adjust the acid-base balance in the human body.
Anode electrode is produced by using rare insert metals(Ruthenium and Iridium) and oxide mixtures on the titanium base metal.These electrodes have good electrochemical and physical-Mechanical properties.Their longevity of life span is very high(More than 3000 hours).
  • Polarity reversal
  • Effective chlorine production
  • Low chlorine evolution potential
  • High current efficiency
  • Long life

Specification of titanium anode for water ionizer
Gr1 titanium as substrate, ruthenium-iridium oxide or platinum as coating
sand blasting, acid washing, brush coating
Coating thickness
12micron--mixed precious metal oxide coating
0.5~10micron--platinum coating
Dimension & shape
Different dimension and shape is available, or according to client's drawing
Working equipment
Water ionizer,Ionizer
Working principle
Water electrolysis
  1. Stable working ability under high current density & voltage
  2. High electrolysis efficiency
  3. Stable electrolysis ability
  4. High anti-corrosion property
  5. Long working life etc.
Produce the alkaline & acidic water
  1. Titanium anode also called mmo anode, DSA & Insoluble anode
  2. Titanium cathode also be provided

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