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   Titanium Anode for Electroplating
Electroplating is a kind of technology that the metals or alloys is deposited on the metallic surface by electrochemical method.The responding anode falls into two types:The solubility anode and the dissolubility anode.For instance,the plated metals like chrome and nickel are used as anode for that the metallic ion in the solution can be compensated for its loss.But in most of electroplating,the metallic ions are supplied by adding the extra solution,such as in the process of electroplating precious metals and plating chromium in the trivalent chromium solution.
Our MMO Anodes have been widely used in electroplating gold,silver,platinum,and other precious metals and it’s also been used in electroplating chromium,nickel and copper.

Titanium Anode for Electroplating
Types of anodes
MMO Titanium Anode(MMO/Ti anode)
Platinized Titanium Anode(Ti/Pt anode)
Platinized Niobium Anode(Nb/Pt anode)
PbO2/Titanium,Graphite anode(PbO2/Ti/C)
Ceramic Anode
& Shape
Different dimension and shape is available,or according to client's drawing
  • High anti-corrosion property
  • High catalytic property
  •  High current efficiency property
  • Keep the operating voltage stably
  • High property of current efficiencyDecrease the wastage of additive     
  • Keep the plating solution stable
  • Long  lifetime
  • Different complex geometry design
  • Precious metal plating(Ag, Au, Rh, Pd)
  • Hard chrome plating(Cr6+)
  • Base metal plating(Cu, Zn, Ni)
  • Precious metal recovery, etc. 
  •  Zinc alloy plating, 
  •  Imitation gold plating, 
  •  Nickel-zinc alloy plating,
  • Nickel-stannum alloy plating ,
  • Cooper plating for PCB(printed circuit board)
  • Eletron plating
  • Stannum plating
  • Gilding
  • Methylsulphionic acid plating
  • Stannum-lead alloy plaing ect.
  • Titanium anode also called MMO anode,DSA & Insoluble anode
  •  Cathode also be provided
Plastic or paper as inside, plywood or carton case as outside, or according to client's demand                              

Quality Guarantee:
(1)Main quality indicators: titanium substrate, precious metal ratio, accelerated life, coating binding force to the titanium substrate(coating adhesion)
(2)With advanced technology & equipment, abundant experiences and skilled workers,during the production of Titanium Anode, each process must be strictly supervised and tested, including the surface treatment of titanium material, coating quality, coating evenness, coating binding force to the titanium substrate(coating adhesion) and so on.
(3)We have own R&D, Production and Sales department, we always struggling to supply the product with the most excellent quality and the most favorable price and supply the most efficient service.
(4)Each production process are looked at to make sure the specifications and performance are qualified.
(5)Strict Pre-delivery inspection for each order,only when all specifications and performance are met,the product is allowed to be sent out,the original Mill Test Certificate is available to be attached to the delivery.


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