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About us

Xi'an Howah Industry Technology Co.,Ltd,is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Non-ferrous Metal based products. With its headquarter located in Xi’an, known as the hometown of Non-ferrous Metal of China.Our company has three large workshops and a competently technical team with strong capability.

Our Main product including Non-ferrous Metal products such as Ti,Ta,Nb,Zr,Ni and its clad materials.Deep-processed product such as Impressed Current Anode(DSA,MMO Anode),Platinized Anode, Graphite electrode,Sacrificial MagnesiumAnode,Aluminium Anode, Zinc Anode and other accessaries.

We will be stable productivity and strict quality monitoring to provide quality products according to ISO9001, With guaranteed product quality, all products are tested using precision electronic instruments before packing and delivery to clients.

Taking advantage of the advanced technology and low labor cost,Howah is always able to provide high quality products and integrity customer services backed with the most competitive price. Please treat us as your honest and reliable partner for your projects.


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